Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R10

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R10

 Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R10

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen on winning #NorwayChess

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen on winning #NorwayChess

17-year-old Alireza Firouzja bounced straight back to win a 3rd classical game in a row against Duda and clinch 2nd place in #NorwayChess!

Congratulations to @MagnusCarlsen on winning #Altibox #NorwayChess 2020 and to young Alireza Firouzja on a fantastic second place!

Magnus Carlsen

1/2 Lost deservedly in the last round of
today, which luckily did not matter in terms of tournament standings. There certainly were some positive moments, but mostly I felt pretty clueless throughout the tournament. Even long thinks generally resulted in guesses


“Today I feel happy, but in general I’m a bit disappointed, because I was very close to win the whole thing… but I guess it happens!”

Fabiano Caruana: “That was also a bit of an annoyance that during the tournament we were constantly dealing with the Candidates, wondering if it would happen or not… ” “I don’t think we should be compromising the safety of people to play chess”

Levon Aronian, who beat Magnus Carlsen today:
“I think we’re chess players, we want to play chess, so we’ll take any opportunity to play chess. For us professionals it doesn’t really matter if we play online or we play over the board – we’ll try to give our best!”

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R10


Altibox Norway Chess retweetelte @chess24com Kramnik: “I usually prefer to fianchetto the bishop”

Incredibly sharp position that Sesse evaluates as equal in one line. But in reality, this must be really difficult for Carlsen

A norveg sakkfanok Sakk bibliája a SESSE supercomputer
Magnus versnyein menni szokott

Kramnik: “Magnus seems to relax too early. Somehow he cannot concentrate today… I would bet he will lose!”

Kramnik as Carlsen goes 50.Rxf6??: “The pawn just promotes. What is going on? I don’t understand.”

“I think I was missing many things. At some point, I thought I had a big advantage, but somehow he got everything together,” – Aronian. When a draw seemed near, Carlsen made a crucial mistake, Rxf6, after which black pawns were running quicker.

14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik:

“My English is not fantastic, my manners as well, sometimes. I know that sometimes I interrupt, but probably you can forgive me. I was born in the province of Soviet Union. I’m a Russian peasant, a simple Russian peasant!”

Photos by: Lennart Ootes

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R9

Magnus Carlsen wins the Norway Chess tournament with a round to spare
Final Round 10 pairings Friday 16th 4pm BST: Carlsen-Aronian, Firouzja-Duda and Caruana-Tari.

Magnus Carlsen az Altibox Norway Chess 2020 szuperverseny győztese

A világbajnok Magnus Carlsen egy fordulóval a befejezés előtt már az Altibox Norway Chess 2020 szuperverseny győztese. A veren kilencedik fordulójában sötéttel 69 lépésben nyert a FIDE színeiben játszó Alireza Firouzja ellen.
Firouzja veresége ellenére megőrizte második helyét. Az örmény Lavon Aronjan
az Armageddon partit megnyerte a norvég Aryan Tarival szemben. Az amerikai Fabiano Caruana is a „hirtelen halál” partiban győzte le a lengyel Jan-Krzysztof Dudát. Az utolsó fordulóban többek között Levon Aronjan és Magnus Carlsen második összecsapására kerül sor.

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen on winning #NorwayChess with a round to spare after an incredible end that saw Alireza Firouzja blunder when low on time in a pawn ending!

Magnus Carlsen: “It’s always pleasant to clinch a tournament & Alireza’s going to be around for a long time, so giving him a bit of an unpleasant memory – I think that’s not something that’s a bad thing for me. But obviously the game in itself wasn’t too memorable!”




Frog Leap Studios

Congrats to @MagnusCarlsen on winning yet another top tournament! Right now nobody can oppose the World Champion.


Here’s Carlsen appearing in the confessional around move 15 vs Firouzja, showing a variation (with Nd5m Rd6 Bd8) in which he may have a TINY advantage.

Firouzja on playing White vs. Carlsen today: “I’m looking forward to the game. I think it’s going to be interesting. We’ll see!”
(With some media coaching hopefully he’ll be saying, “I’m going to crush him like a bug” soon!)

Carlsen mener han kan få en bitteliten fordel mot Firouzja, men at det sannsynligvis ender i remis. Her møtte han i skrifteboksen etter rundt 15 trekk.

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R9


Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R9

A first batch of
Lennart Ootes

Russian Pianist Oleg Akkuratov, who has been blind from birth, is about to perform during the #NorwayChess show!

Oleg Akkuratov brings jazz vibes to Firouzja-Carlsen!

Oleg Akkuratov brings jazz vibes to Firouzja-Carlsen!

 Did Firouzja just walk right into Carlsen’s trap? Pressed on the board and on the clock now. #NorwayChess

The moment where @MagnusCarlsen was exactly one hour up on the clock against Alireza Firouzja. What are your predictions for this game?

Kramnik: “This is becoming pretty dangerous already.” #NorwayChess

Carlsen now on 8 major wins online in 2020:

  • St Louis Rapid & Blitz (*)
  • Chess 9LX (*)
  • Grand Final
  • c24 Legends of Chess
  • Chessable Masters
  • Steinitz Memorial
  • Clutch Chess
  • MC Invitational

Magnus 2020 ban is a legjobb
Carlsen’s 2020 tournament earnings:

    • Magnus Carlsen Invitational: $70.000
    • Clutch Chess: $75.000
    • Steinitz Memorial: $4500
    • Lindores Abbey: $15000
    • Chessable Masters: $45.000

Legends of Chess: $45.000
Grand Final: $140,000
Chess 9LX: $31,250