Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R3

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R3

Round 3 Standings: 1st= Aronian, Caruana 7pts. 3rd Carlsen 6pts, 4th Firouzja, Alireza 5½ 5th= Duda, Tari 0pts.

Round 4 4pm BST Thursday 8th Oct 2020 Carlsen-Caruana, Aronian-Alireza, Tari-Duda







Carlsen on Firouzja: “He’s probably going to be a very, very, very good player for a very long time so it makes sense to try & get some punches early! I expect a lot of duels against him & even though I didn’t really deserve the win today I’ll happily take it!”



Amazing 26…Re1! by the world champion is pushing Aryan Tari against the ropes. @NorwayChess

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