Happy 28th Birthday to World Champion Magnus Carlsen!

Happy 28th Birthday to World Champion Magnus Carlsen! – hunonchess.com

Magnus Øen Carlsen (Tønsberg, 1990. november 30.

    Klasszikukus sakk világbajnok

  • World Chess Championship 2018 (London ENG)
  • World Chess Championship 2016 (New York USA)
  • World Chess Championship 2014 (Sochi RUS)
  • World Chess Championship 2013 (Chennai IND)
  • FISCHER SAKK világbajnok 2018
  • rapid világbajnok: 2014, 2015
  • villám világbajnok: 2009, 2014

Carlsen so far in his career:

  • – 4 classical WC titles
  • – 5 WC titles in Blitz & Rapid
  • – 31 victories in super tournaments
  • – A total of 101 months as the World #1

    – World #1 in Classical, Blitz & Rapid

  • – Highest rated player ever (2882)
  • – 1st player to hold all 3 WC titles
  • Sokat elmond ez a lista 4 vb cím és változatlanul vezet a világon Carlsen Now a 4-time World Chess Champion and still no. 1 at classical, rapid and blitz chess

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    VIDEO 2



    2014 Russia Olympic Media Center, Sochi

    A sakkozás régi-új királya, Magnus Carlsen A big thanks to everyone who supported me on this interesting journey. Two down, five to go ”Kettő mögöttem, öt előttem” – írta Carlsen a Twitter oldalán.


    Little Magnus gets going. Here he is nine months…


    .and here he is one and a half years old.

    Magnus Carlsen vs Håvard Vederhus in 1999


    His father recounts what Magnus was like as a boy…


    … and shares the first signs of his son’s unusual talents.



    Well chosen indeed, if the above image is any indication
    Jon Hammer (off-camera) – “He did not find the solution, so we’ll probably have to do some more to make sure he finds the right moves in the world championship.”



    Magnus Carlsen, 13 years old – So I want to become a grandmaster this year. I also want to become the youngest in the Western (world) of all time.


    When he was five he found chess unappealing, but at Lego he soon played in higher age categories
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    12 year old Magnus, still a lowly FM (Elo 2326) at the Barentssjakken 2003 tournament.