Opera Euro Rapid 2021 (Day 2)

Carlsen retains the lead of the Opera Euro Rapid preliminaries after day 2

Final day of the preliminary section is on Monday starting at 4pm GMT. It looks like the eight players placed 5th to 12th are likely to be in a major fight for just four qualification places.

Round 10 Standings: 1st Carlsen 7pts; 2nd-3rd Wesley So, Giri, 6.5pts; 4th Nepomniachtchi 6pts; 5th-7th Aronian, MVL, Radjabov 5.5pts; 8th-10th Nakamura, Duda, Grischuk 5pts; 11th-12th Vidit, Dubov 4.5pts; 13th Shankland 4pts; 14th Bluebaum 3.5pts; 15th-16th Ding Liren, Dominguez Perez 3pts

Carlsen leads after beating Nakamura in the last round of Day 2, but for now Hikaru is still in a qualifying place… just! Tomorrow will be a thriller, with no-one completely out of contention:


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