1st Prague International Chess Festival 2019 Rapport Richárdal

1st Prague International Chess Festival 2019 Rapport Richárdal


A new tournament is launching in Prague next month from March 5th to 16th by the organisers behind the Czech Novy Bor Chess Club. Similar to the Tata Steel Chess model, the 1st Prague International Chess Festival 2019 will feature a Masters tournament, and a Challengers tournament, plus multiple open events for players of various rating classes. The full roster of players in the Masters was announced today.

The players

The Masters tournament will be Category 20 (average Elo rating: 2715) and Challengers Category 14 (average Elo: TBD, the tenth player will be added soon).


# Name FED Elo rating
1 David Navara CZE 2738
2 Richard Rapport HUN 2735
3 Jan-Krzysztof Duda POL 2731
4 Samuel Shankland USA 2731
5 Harikrishna Pentala IND 2726
6 Radoslaw Wojtaszek POL 2722
7 Nikita Vitiugov RUS 2720
8 Vidit Gujarathi IND 2711
9 Viktor Láznička CZE 2670
10 Boris Gelfand ISR 2669


# Name FED Elo rating
1 Alexei Shirov ESP 2657
2 David Paravyan RUS 2627
3 Mateusz Bartel POL 2606
4 Jiří Štoček CZE 2588
5 Wenjun Ju CHN 2575
6 Peter Michalík CZE 2567
7 Jan Krejčí CZE 2558
8 Thai Dai Van Nguyen CZE 2542
9 Praggnanandhaa IND 2532
10 To Be Named


Masters = A, Challengers = B. Time in CET (GMT +1).

Day Date/Time Event
Tuesday March 5th 18.00 opening ceremony A,B
Wednesday March 6th 15.00 1st round A,B
Thursday March 7th 15.00 2nd round A,B
Friday March 8th 15.00 3rd round A,B
Saturday March 9th 15.00 4th round A,B
Sunday March 10th 15.00 5th round A,B
Monday March 11th 15.00 6th round B
Tuesday March 12th 15.00 6th round A / 7th round B
Wednesday March 13th 15.00 7th round A / 8th round B
Thursday March 14th 15.00 8th round A / 9th round B
20.00 Closing ceremony B
Friday March 15th 15.00 9th round A
20.00 Closing ceremony A