25 Years of The Week in Chess |Big Congrat to Mr.Mark Crowther

25 Years of The Week in Chess | Big Congrat to Mr.Mark Crowther

by hunonchess


TWIC at 25
Today is the 25th Birthday of The Week in Chess. On Saturday 17th September 1994 I went to the computer centre of Bradford University and typed in important games I’d collected from newspapers and magazines, added some games I collected online from the Credit Suisse Ma1 sters in Switzerland and the issue was done. The whole thing was posted to a newsgroup called rec.games.chess and I was done. (Issue 1 of TWIC) Only a couple of years later the work had grown to the extent that I either had to do this full time or give up.


Mark Crowther on the day of the 25th Anniversary of TWIC. Photo © | https://theweekinchess.com