Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R7

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R7

Round 8 Tuesday 4pm 13th Oct 2020. Carlsen-Tari, Aronian-Duda, Caruana-Firouzja

Round 7 Standings: 1 Firouzja 14½pts, 2 Carlsen 13½pts, 3 Aronian 12pts, 4 Caruana 11pts, 5 Duda 7pts, 6 Tari 1½pts.


Alireza Firouzja has won every mini-match except against Magnus Carlsen and leads

It was a crazy end to the day with Alireza Firouzja winning his Armageddon game against Levon Aronian on time, thus maintaining his tournament lead with only 3 rounds to go. #Altibox #NorwayChess

Carlsen az Armageddon partit nyerte meg Caruana ellen, Firouzja is a rájátszásban győzte le Aronjant
lásd lentebb


Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R7

Caruana hasn’t beaten Carlsen in classical in 5 years. Will this be the day? R6 in #NorwayChess now with World #2 vs World #1:

“It was pretty awful, the last 2 games before this, both the result & also the quality… my motivation was basically at zero after this! I was really dejected, so this was really important for me”

Kramnik talks about something he never had: “the almost inhuman level of concentration” at the right moment of Karpov, Carlsen, Caruana & Kasparov – “you can see by [Garry’s] face that he’s not in this worl

Magnus is down to just 15 minutes for 15 moves, with no increment before move 40!

Alireza Firouzja beats Levon Aronian as Levon loses on time in Armageddon!



Alireza Firouzja after beating Levon Aronian in Armageddon:
“I think once you lose on time one game then you understand what is one second [increment]! You should just press the clock. He was not concentrated on the clock, I think!”


Norway Chess 2020 round 7 : Firouzja leads with 14.5 points , Carlsen 13.5 points . Carlsen beat Caruana in Armageddon game. Photo by Ootes




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