Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R8

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R8


Carlsen takes the lead of the Norway Chess Tournament after 8 rounds 5th Duda 8.5, 6th Tari 1.5.

Rest Day Wednesday 14th Oct 2020

Round 9 4pm Thursday 15th Oct 2020 Firouzja-Carlsen, Duda-Caruana, Tari-Aronian.

Caruana az Armageddon partibn legyőzte Firouzját, Carlsen átvette a vezetést Az örmény Levon Aronjan negyedik Armageddon A szuper veby csütörtöki kilencedik záró fordulóban Alireza Firouzja egypontos hátránnyal játszik Magnus Carlsen ellen.


Carlsen back in the lead with two rounds to go as Firouzja loses his second match in the tournament. #NorwayChess

Firouzja now trails Carlsen by a point with two rounds to go, but Alireza has White when they play on Thursday after tomorrow’s rest day!


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You can now find a first batch of
Lennart Ootes
‘s round 8 photos at

Kramnik: “Very pleasant for white. It’s going to be a long suffering for black.”

When you are materially equal and there is nothing concrete, but the computer shows +6 for your opponent, you must have a really, really bad position.


Magnus was sure he was winning after 21.Nd2: “The strategical battle is over at that point” “It’s very nice when you can just follow a plan and you don’t need to calculate”

Magnus: “Generally I’m too dumb to lie, so mostly I’m telling the truth!”
: “Enjoy, congrats and see you on…… whatever day it is in two days!”
Magnus: “It’s called Thursday”
Fiona: “Thank you!”



The game between Caruana and Firouzja has ended in a draw and their Armageddon

Fabiano Caruana avoids any tricks to win in Armageddon!


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