Carlsen and So share the spoils on day one of the final of the Skilling Open

Carlsen and So share the spoils on day one of the final of the Skilling Open

All to play for in tomorrow’s (30th Nov) second set, and if that’s also tied a blitz and Armageddon tie-break.


“I am very happy to compete with Magnus, he is the superior player by all measures and standards. I guess he is not in his best form right now, so that gives me some chances. If he is not in his best form tomorrow, I will have some chances.






Frog Leap Studios Minden elfogultság nélkül mondhatjuk, hogy Magnusz a sakk motorja a világjárvány idején is az online térben is, aki fárahatatlanul azon dolgozik, sőt játszani is mer a topokkal.Tartják életbn a sakkot, a  járvány idején
TOTÁLBA A ROCKOT DECIBEL GMs a Magnusznak, ahogy korábban is mondtam

Kramnik: “Magnus always has 55-60 % against top players, but somehow it always gets up to 100 % in the end of the day. It’s the miracle of Magnus.”

Vladimir Kramnik says Magnus can lose a World Championship match, but he suspects someone coming along who’s objectively better than Magnus will be the next generation





One of the commentators at the
FIDE #rapidblitz, Peter Leko, pictured (age 12) at Tilburg, October 1992. A couple of years later he became the world’s youngest grandmaster.
(Photo credit: T. Kluiters, via

Both Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So appreciated a beautiful finish to the first game of their final!

Vladimir Kramnik isn’t too impressed by Magnus Carlsen’s position!


What a stunning turnaround, as after surviving a lost position Magnus had been pushing for 10 minutes only to stumble into mate! We’re back to 1:1

Kramnik: “I would say the match with Vishy was not so difficult, because I was crushed like a potato!”: – )

Tweetelj Új Tweetek megtekintése Beszélgetés @chess24com g4!? g5!? on the board as Game 3 is heating up as well!

Vladimir Kramnik gets up to speed with Game 3 

Magnusnak már csak egy döntetlenre van szüksége a mai mérkőzés kivívásához

Wesley So seems to have caught Magnus Carlsen out in the opening! A 4th win in a row for White?


For the first time in the #SkillingOpen the 1st day of a match has ended 2:2 (after 4 wins for White!). If tomorrow’s mini-match were to be drawn 2:2 we’d go to tiebreaks:

They’re really good with white