Carlsen vs. Ding Liren | Nakamura vs. Dubov | MCCT Semi-finals | Day 3


Carlsen vs. Ding Liren | Nakamura vs. Dubov | MCCT Semi-finals | Day 3

MCT Finals: Nakamura knocks out Dubov Abbey final to Dubov was continuing to press when he’d lost the advantage. He also admitted to playing much more solidly and technically against Dubov in the hope of suppressing his creativity. Nakamura does not expect such an approach to work against Carlsen should he play him.

Nakamura 3-0-ra győzte le Dubovot, elsőként jutott a döntőbe, Carlsen 2-1-re vezet Ding Liren ellen

A Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour befejező versenyén, a Grand Finals online viadalon az amerikai Hikaru Nakamura már döntős, 3 – 0-ra nyert az orosz Daniil Dubov ellen. A világbajnok Magnus Carlsen a harmadik összecsapást 2,5-0,5-re nyerte meg a kínai Ding Lirennel szemben. Carlsennek még egy mérkőzést kell megnyernie a döntőbe jutáshoz. A finálé már hét szettes lesz, a 300 ezer dolláros díjalapból a győztes 300 ezret kap, ehhez négy párharcban kell legyőznie ellenfelét.

Magnus: “I used to be extremely stubborn… I think it was a good thing – extreme stubborness in trying to win games! I think that’s the main takeaway, that even in very simplified positions there are so many resources, but… you have to concentrate, you have to calculate!”


Carlsen on working with Kasparov : “It helped me to understand the dynamics of chess a lot better. Sometime

  “I can’t count the times I have lagged seemingly hopelessly far behind, and nobody except myself thinks I can win. When you are behind there are two strategies – counter-attack or all men to the defence. I’m good at finding the right balance between those.” Magnus Carlsen




Hikaru Nakamura on why not making mistakes and being more accurate than his opponents is his super-power, but his problem is one more accurate opponent who makes even less mistakes! (no prizes for guessing


After his victory today, Magnus Carlsen will reach the final against Nakamura if he wins tomorrow, though Ding Liren could take their semi-final to a decider on Thursday!

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