Chess Olympiad Preview, Evening before the rest day

Chess Olympiad Preview, Evening before the rest day


Rest Day in Tromso

After five grueling rounds it was time for the players to relax a little and enjoy the city of Tromso. Most players preferred to take a walk around the city and explore some of the beautiful views this place has to offer; a common activity was for players to go “up the mountain” and take pictures. However some teams were more adventurous, especially the Italian national team!

Free Day
It is the halfway point in the Olympiad and that means it is the first free day in the Olympiad. The players took time to rest from the stressful tournament and they did so in many different ways. The city of Tromso is rather small but it offers many alternatives for at least one day of leisure.

One of the more popular destinations today was to hike up the mountain. Tromso is a very hilly city and it is quite normal for streets to be very steep. On the other side of the Island there is a small mountain range that players could climb to take pictures.

indonesiafreeday01 (1)

The Indonesian women’s team was one of the many teams that went up the mountian, which is in the background in this picture

irene03 (1)

The view from up there is quite spectacular. Players have to cross the bridge and hike up the trails to reach the top… unless they want to pay 130 Kroner to simply take the cable car up. Irene Sukandar “was not dressed to hike anything” and decided to shell out the money.

irene04 (1)

Everything’s worth it as long as there is a good selfie. Photos from the Indonesian team by their captain, Kristianus Liem.

liuipatove01 (1)

Elliot Liu and the infinitely energetic Alexander Ipatov actually hiked it


Other players went to explore the culture offerings of the city. Luis Esquivel Golcher from Panama pointed out how many stuffed polar bears there are scattered across the city… there is even a museum named “Polaria” here!

freeday01 (1)

The Italian team had a more adventurous rest day, but before that they ran into Loek Van Wely and his wife Lorena Zepeda de Van Wely, players of the Olympiad but for different countries (Netherlands and El Salvador)

daredevils01 (1)

A speedboat ride!


Which also would not be complete without a selfie…

lake01 (1)

The ChessBase crew took a walk around the lake, one of the many pretty bodies of water around the city