Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen on winning 8th Altibox Norway Chess 2020

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R9

Magnus Carlsen wins the Norway Chess tournament with a round to spare
Final Round 10 pairings Friday 16th 4pm BST: Carlsen-Aronian, Firouzja-Duda and Caruana-Tari.

Magnus Carlsen az Altibox Norway Chess 2020 szuperverseny győztese

A világbajnok Magnus Carlsen egy fordulóval a befejezés előtt már az Altibox Norway Chess 2020 szuperverseny győztese. A veren kilencedik fordulójában sötéttel 69 lépésben nyert a FIDE színeiben játszó Alireza Firouzja ellen.
Firouzja veresége ellenére megőrizte második helyét. Az örmény Lavon Aronjan
az Armageddon partit megnyerte a norvég Aryan Tarival szemben. Az amerikai Fabiano Caruana is a „hirtelen halál” partiban győzte le a lengyel Jan-Krzysztof Dudát. Az utolsó fordulóban többek között Levon Aronjan és Magnus Carlsen második összecsapására kerül sor.

Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen on winning #NorwayChess with a round to spare after an incredible end that saw Alireza Firouzja blunder when low on time in a pawn ending!

Magnus Carlsen: “It’s always pleasant to clinch a tournament & Alireza’s going to be around for a long time, so giving him a bit of an unpleasant memory – I think that’s not something that’s a bad thing for me. But obviously the game in itself wasn’t too memorable!”




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Congrats to @MagnusCarlsen on winning yet another top tournament! Right now nobody can oppose the World Champion.


Here’s Carlsen appearing in the confessional around move 15 vs Firouzja, showing a variation (with Nd5m Rd6 Bd8) in which he may have a TINY advantage.

Firouzja on playing White vs. Carlsen today: “I’m looking forward to the game. I think it’s going to be interesting. We’ll see!”
(With some media coaching hopefully he’ll be saying, “I’m going to crush him like a bug” soon!)

Carlsen mener han kan få en bitteliten fordel mot Firouzja, men at det sannsynligvis ender i remis. Her møtte han i skrifteboksen etter rundt 15 trekk.

Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R9


Altibox Norway Chess 2020:R9

A first batch of
Lennart Ootes

Russian Pianist Oleg Akkuratov, who has been blind from birth, is about to perform during the #NorwayChess show!

Oleg Akkuratov brings jazz vibes to Firouzja-Carlsen!

Oleg Akkuratov brings jazz vibes to Firouzja-Carlsen!

 Did Firouzja just walk right into Carlsen’s trap? Pressed on the board and on the clock now. #NorwayChess

The moment where @MagnusCarlsen was exactly one hour up on the clock against Alireza Firouzja. What are your predictions for this game?

Kramnik: “This is becoming pretty dangerous already.” #NorwayChess

Carlsen now on 8 major wins online in 2020:

  • St Louis Rapid & Blitz (*)
  • Chess 9LX (*)
  • Grand Final
  • c24 Legends of Chess
  • Chessable Masters
  • Steinitz Memorial
  • Clutch Chess
  • MC Invitational

Magnus 2020 ban is a legjobb
Carlsen’s 2020 tournament earnings:

    • Magnus Carlsen Invitational: $70.000
    • Clutch Chess: $75.000
    • Steinitz Memorial: $4500
    • Lindores Abbey: $15000
    • Chessable Masters: $45.000

Legends of Chess: $45.000
Grand Final: $140,000
Chess 9LX: $31,250