Congratulations to Yuri Averbakh on his 95th Anniversary

Congratulations to Yuri Averbakh on his 95th Anniversary

Yuri Averbakh 95 éves! Az orosz sakklegenda a végjátékok és tanulmányok szerkesztésével vált ismertté, de 85 éves koráig sakkversenyeken is indult.

Yuri Averbakh

Yuri Lvovich Averbakh (Russian: Ю́рий Льво́вич Аверба́х; born February 8, 1922) is a Soviet and Russian chess player and author. As of 2016, he is the oldest living chess grandmaster. He was born in Kaluga, Russia. He was chairman of the USSR Chess Federation from 1973 to 1978.




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Master Averbakh





Soviet players at the famous 1953 Candidates Tournament (from left to right): Tigran Petrosian, Alexander Kotov, Paul Keres, Yuri Averbakh and Efim Geller



The world’s oldest grandmaster with some younger players at Moscow’s Central Chess Club


Full name Yuri Lvovich Averbakh Country Russia Born February 8, 1922 (age 94) Kaluga, Russian SFSR Title Grandmaster FIDE rating 2445 (February 2017) Peak rating 2550 (July 1971)


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77 years later Isaac Linder (92), also still an active chess historian, helped celebrate Averbakh’s 90th birthday

Yuri Averbakh, 885 games.