DER SPIEGEL presents: Magnus Carlsen in Hamburg


DER SPIEGEL presents: Magnus Carlsen in Hamburg

World Champion Magnus Carlsen brings his now-annual Play Live Challenge back to Hamburg on October 8th, this time a the Hamburg headquarters of DER SPIEGEL. Like the 2017 event which ChessBase webcast live, Carlsen will play 12 opponents in a clock simul. The venue accommodates 150 live spectators, but the games will also be carried online with live commentary (in German!) by English GM Daniel King. | Photo: Nadja Wittmann



Carlsen gives exhibition before London

On October 8th, at 18:30 CEST (16:30 UT) Magnus Carlsen will play in the atrium of the “SPIEGEL-Haus” at Ericusspitze in Hamburg. The event is a 12-board clock simultaneous dubbed the Play Live Challenge. His opponents are active users of his Play Magnus app, and chess-loving celebrities.

After the games, the World Champion gets together with each of his opponents for a look at what they could have done better and other tips.

Grandmaster Daniel King will moderate the event and comment live on the games from on-site (in German). The competition will also be broadcast live on the Spiegel

website (board positions, notation, video) and on PlayChess.

For those who want to experience the World Champion first-hand. There are a limited number of spectator seats. The ticket sales start today.

To get a sense of what the event is like, you can revisit our 2017 coverage.



[su_quote]Tarjei J. Svensen The training camp is attended by Nielsen, Fressinet, ex-beachvolley pro Jan Kvalheim and some others secret helpers. He says he will have another one in October in a warm place. [/su_quote]