First Saturday June 2014 – First Saturday. Chess tournament series for GM, IM norms and for Standard and Rapid ELO-rating points. Budapest, Hungary.

First Saturday June 2014 – First Saturday. Chess tournament series for GM, IM norms and for Standard and Rapid ELO-rating points. Budapest, Hungary.
“Első szombat” – First Saturday – Magyarország – Budapest – A HOTEL MEDOSZ-ban – 2014 júniusban is

I was born in 1957, married, father of three sons, (28, 23, 16 years old). I graduated from Lajos Kossuth University of Science (Debrecen, HUN) in faculty of chemistry acquiring a diploma as teacher of chemistry at the same time. I completed a half year-course in 1989 at Moscow, Timoshenko Military Academy where I was trained in a special course of theoretical military organisation. I can still take benefit of these studies in my present organisation activities.
Together with my wife Mrs.Nagy Ilona Borbély we ceaselessly organise professionally the First Saturday chess tournaments in Budapest.
Since the beginning we have provided alternatives of achieving GM, IM, WGM, WIM – norms as well as getting or improving FIDE-ratings. Usually we start a GM an IM and two FIDE-master’s groups every month except for January.
Peter Leko the highest ranked Hungarian GM (at present) achieved one of his GM-norms here. Amongst others, now world-famous Hungarian GM-s like Ferenc Berkes (present Champion of Hungary) Peter Ács ( U18 World Champion) Csaba Balogh (U18 European Champion) also succeeded in performing GM-norms here. Many of our foreign guests were successful here, like Beim (AUT) Lugovoi,Yemelin and Volzhin (RUS) U12 World Champion Nguyen Ngoc Truongson and Dao Thien Hai(VIE), top GM-s like Gadir Guseinov and Teimour Radjabov and (AZE), Liss and Postny (ISR) Milov (SUI), Stoczek (CZE) etc.

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A Király – Mr. First Saturday László Nagy
Hungarikummá vált az eltelt 23 év során Nagy Laszló úr! versenysorozata.

Nagy László International Chess Organizer (approved by FIDE) E-mail: H-1101 Budapest, Hungária krt. 5-7 XI.ép. I/7. Tel: (36-1) 263-2859 Mobile: (36-30) 230-1914

First Saturday Chess Tournaments in Budapest, Hungary Venue: HOTEL MEDOSZ *** Budapest, Jókai tér 9. Első Szombat GM-IM-FM körversenyek, Chess tournament series for GM, IM norms and for Standard and Rapid ELO-rating points.

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At FIDE-Congress Calvia 2004 (Spain) I was awarded the International Chess Organizer (IO) title. At present I am the only organiser in Hungary having this title. This puts a great responsibility on us, since we would like to comply with FIDE-organisational rules fully for the participants should enjoy tournaments organised as high quality as possible.

The main goal of this publication is that you should get information on First Saturday Budapest chess tournament and chess training opportunities as complex as possible enabling you to inform your chess-friends about the existence of this considerable intellectual workshop in Budapest working for strengthening and developing the Hungarian and universal chess-culture on Earth.

Our events organised monthly usually attract about 40-60-80 players from about 10-15 federations. We do our best for the good atmosphere of the tournament operating available information service and organised guiding for the famous sights of Budapest. Health security and travelling information is also available in case of need.

Hotels offered in Budapest for you are much cheaper than the usual reception price since we have special contracts with several hotels for supporting your visit to our town. continuously provides details of the running events refreshed daily by our young webmaster Tamas, Nagy who is serving you precisely with all up-to date information.

Let me extend my best wishes to all the readers of this issue hoping that we can welcome you to our chess events now having international recognition good reputation and fame

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