Granda Zuniga supreme in Andorra

Granda Zuniga supreme in Andorra

At the top of the lineup is French GM Vladislav Tkachiev with 2661, followed very closely by Peruvian Julio Granda Zuniga, fresh from a good result in Benasque just before, and then the Ukrainian brothers Yuri and Andrey Vovk and Venezuelan Eduardo Iturrizaga, all over 2600. The field was over 160 players with 15 grandmasters and over 30 masters.


Hailing from Israel, GM Artur Kogan came with his family, and inspired came in fourth


Eleven-year-old Maria Eizaguerri had a see-saw event in the literal sense of the word: in the first round she lost, then in the second she won, then in the third she lost, and so on all the way to the end finishing with 4.0/9


The star was unquestionably the Peruvian Julio Granda Zuniga, who at 48 is not expected to be peaking the way he is now. A younger grandmaster commented, “I have no idea how he does it”. One thing is clear: Granda has lost none of his competitive fire.


Granda Zuniga – Delmuth



In the final round, White needed to win in order to ensure sole first place
and did so with no mistake, winning his game in under 30 moves. Here is
the finale: White to play and win.


Fellow South American GM Eduardo Iturrizaga from Venezuela came in fifth, rebounding from a loss in round six to Andrey Vovk with three wins


Efforts were made to keep the event lively outside of the pure chess tournament. Here a large barbecue was organized in the swimming pool area of the hotel.


Emilio Tardio from Spain puts on his war face


Alexey Sevenyuk came from Belarus to enjoy the mountain air and chess, and just like Maria Eizaguerri above he alternated wins and losses in each round


20-year-old Marie Dubois overperformed with 140 Elo in excess of her rating


First place finisher Julio Granda Zuniga


In second place, just half a point behind was Ukrainian Andrey Vovk…


… and right behind was his brother Yuri Vovk in third.



Final standings

1 2 Granda Zuniga Julio E GM 2652 8.0
2 5 Vovk Andrey GM 2621 7.5
3 3 Vovk Yuri GM 2632 7.0
4 11 Kogan Artur GM 2526 7.0
5 4 Iturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo GM 2625 7.0
6 13 Riff Jean-Noel GM 2502 7.0
7 1 Tkachiev Vladislav GM 2661 6.5
8 8 Lagarde Maxime GM 2544 6.5
9 9 Demuth Adrien GM 2531 6.5
10 19 Abergel Thal GM 2440 6.5
11 10 Arizmendi Martinez Julen Luis GM 2529 6.5
12 12 Narciso Dublan Marc GM 2521 6.5
13 15 Aloma Vidal Robert IM 2451 6.5
14 16 Pulvett Marin Daniel IM 2446 6.5
15 34 Jolly Jean-Francois IM 2345 6.0
16 33 Trepat Herranz Joan FM 2351 6.0
17 7 Gozzoli Yannick GM 2567 6.0
18 6 Vazquez Igarza Renier GM 2581 6.0
19 21 Antoli Royo Joaquin Miguel IM 2430 6.0
20 14 Asis Gargatagli Hipolito IM 2472 6.0
21 17 Kalegin Evgenij IM 2445 6.0
22 36 Rudolf Anna IM 2335 6.0
23 24 Roser Kevin IM 2403 6.0
24 31 Trigo Urquijo Sergio FM 2358 6.0
25 30 Diaz Camallonga Carles FM 2358 6.0

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