Isle of Man To Host FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament

Isle of Man To Host FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament

October 10-21 FIDE Grand Swiss
This year the open tournament in Isle of Man will serve as FIDE’s first Grand Swiss. The winner will qualify for the 2020 FIDE Candidates’ Tournament. (Classical)

2019 FIDE Grand Swiss
Published: 15 Sep 2019
John Saunders reports: in just under a month’s time there begins the newest, and potentially most exciting, qualification event in the 2019/2020 World Chess Championship cycle – the inaugural FIDE Grand Swiss tournament, to be played over 11 rounds in the Isle of Man. The primary purpose of this tournament is to fill one of the eight places in the Candidates’ Tournament to be held in the first half of 2020. It features a phenomenal field of 160 leading players who aspire to the title and an eye-popping first prize of $70,000, with a total prize fund of $432,500. The latter detail has also attracted the two biggest names of all, Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana, who head a competitor list featuring 26* players rated 2700 or more.

A 2019 es esztendő legjelentősebb nyílt versenyét október 20. és 28 között Man sziget fővárosában, Douglasban rendezik meg.Immár hagyományosan a és a Scheinberg család szponzorálja A tornát.

A 11 fordulós tornán a 160 fős mezőny rajtlistáján számtalan világklasszis sakkozót is találunk. koztük Magnus Carlsent és Fabiano Faraunát.
A verseny mondhatni fő vonzerejét a hagyománysan magas nyereményalap adja, ami idén is 432 500 dollár! Az első helyezett 70 000 dollárral lesz gazdagabb egyben kvalifikálja magát a 2020 as FIDE Candidates ersenyre is ! A dobogóról lecsúszottak sem távoznak üres zsebbel.

Akik követik portálunkat észre fogják venni, hogy brutálisan fogunk frissíteni ezen verseny kapcsán.

Prize Money: Grand Swiss

Prize Fund USD 432,500

1st: $70,000;
2nd: $50,000;
3rd: $40,000;
4th: $35,000;
5th: $30,000;
6th $25,000;
7th: $20,000;

8th: $16,000;
9th: $13,000;
10th: $11,000;
11th – 15th: $8,000 each;
16th – 20th: $5,000 each
21st – 25th: $3,000 each
26th – 30th: $2,000 each

Women’s Prizes

1st: $10,000;
2nd: $8,000;
3rd: $6,000;
4th: $4,000;

5th $2,500;

All prize money is divided equally where players have the same score (after 11 rounds).

No player can win more than one complete prize:

  • If a female player finishes in the top-10 and is due to receive a regular prize that is higher than the relevant women’s prize, she will receive the full regular prize.
  • If a female player finishes in the top-30 and is due to receive a women’s prize that is higher than the relevant regular prize, she will receive the full women’s prize.



iomchess·júl. 16. World Champion Magnus Carlsen has confirmed he will play in the 2019 FIDE Grand Swiss. Carlsen (currently the highest-rated player ever) is the top seed in the strongest swiss tournament



iomchess szept. 15. Coming soon, for those who don't find #FIDEWorldCup exciting enough... the 2019 FIDE Chess,com Grand Swiss in the Isle of Man, starring Magnus Carlsen and FabianoCaruana (photo John Saunders)






iomchess szept. 6. Fabiano Caruana is the only one not playing for a spot in the Candidates’ (since he already qualified). Asked whether he’ll be ruining other people’s chances, he replied: “Well, someone has to ruin them!”