June 20 – 24 | Paris Grand Chess Tour | Paris, France

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Paris Grand Chess Tour

June 20 - 24 | Paris Grand Chess Tour | Paris, France

The Paris Grand Chess Tour is the 2nd of 5 stages of the 2018 Grand Chess Tour, in which 9 of the world's best players and wild cards will play for a total prize fund of $1.2 million. The Paris event takes place in the studios of the CANAL+ TV channel in Boulogne-Billancourt and features Caruana, Nakamura, So, MVL, Anand, Aronian, Grischuk, Mamedyarov, Karjakin and wild card Kramnik.
The rapid event is a 10-player single round-robin and features 3 rounds each day on the first 3 days, with a time control of 25 minutes for all moves and a 10-second delay from move 1. The final 2 days are a blitz double round-robin, with 18 rounds of 5 minutes + 3-second delay blitz. Rapid games count double, with 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. : Offical Site

-181Days -15Hours -15Minutes -7Seconds
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