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October 2014 FRL
World Chess Federation
FIDE publishes October 2014 FRL FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings …

The Final Interview of Mikhail Tal
The Chess Mind Blog
I suspect that this interview would be interesting even if it turned out to be his penultimate or even antepenultimate
one, as Mikhail Tal was invariably fascinating …

Reflections of 2014 Sinquefield Cup
The Chess Drum
Like everyone else I waited in great anticipation for the 2014 Sinquefield Cup… since the first one ended! The excitement was so high in last year’s ..

Isenegger Memorial Study Tourney
ChessBase News
The Swiss composer Samuel Isenegger, who died 50 years ago, specialized in the David vs. Goliath theme of pawns fighting pieces. To commemorate his …

Peter Svidler Q&A: Part 1
Chess24 News
Seven-time Russian Champion Peter Svidler recently spent 90 minutes answering questions from chess24 premium members. .

Interview with Gianpietro Pagnoncelli, President of Italian
Chess Federation
Mr Gianpietro Pagnoncelli, President of Italian Chess Federation since 2005, has kindly agreed to an interview with …

Jacob Aagaard Interview
Quality Chess Blog
Jacob was recently interviewed for the Spanish blog Un Andaluz y el Adjedrez. Here is the English version of the interview: 1) Can any person, and I mean ..

Don’t Forget The King
The Chess Improver
It is often said that a chess player should not forget their King — and of course rightly so. We should not forget that our whole game revolves around it. …

Robert James Fischer vs Viktor Korchnoi (Video)
Robert James Fischer vs Viktor Korchnoi : Stockholm Interzonal (1962) : Spanish Game …

NM Mark LaRocca tries to pep the Blitz up for the second half of the season
US Chess League
In keeping with the fine tradition of eternal optimism, I will continue with my predictions and attempt to right the ship that is floundering in Boston Bay. …

SM Matt Herman analyzes New York’s big Week 4 and 5 wins
US Chess League
We had our best match in a long time (perhaps since week 2 last year against Manhattan) in week 4, a 3-1 victory over the Applesauce. I managed to equalize …

Steve Farmer does video coverage of Arizona’s interesting Week 5 draw with St. Louis (Video)
US Chess League
Week 5 action in the US Chess League, the Arizona Scorpions take on the St. Louis Archbishops in an exciting 2-2 tie!..

Analyze This! with GM Maurice Ashley
Grandmaster Maurice Ashley analyzes members’ games. Up-and-comer Julian Proleiko takes on CCSCSL manager Alex Marler in a very instructive game

Master Larson Goes 3-for-3 to Win Thanksgiving Open
CCSCSL Recent Stories
Players gathered at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis on Saturday, September 27 with thoughts of Thanksgiving. Saturday’s $5 Satellite Tournament ..

What Chess Can Teach You About Making Decisions
Vanseo Design
When faced with difficult decisions do you have a guide to lean on? My guiding principle for decision-making comes
from what I learned about playing …

May the force be with you
McReady & Chess
If you were thinking of splashing out on some snazzy new software like Komodo 8 then think again. You can join the dark – or light- side with Lucas chess instead. It’s free …

Longtime SCV chess instructor teams with student to give
worldwide lessons
Santa Clarita Valley Signal
Local chess coach Jay Stallings is going international with a how-to-play-chess app for hand-held devices officially launched in Stevenson Ranch this …

Ottawa chess master conquers world
Ottawa Sun
It may not have the international intrigue or Cold War implications of Fischer v. Spassky, but there was no shortage of drama as Ottawa chess

Ottawa teen takes world chess title
Ottawa Citizen
A 14-year-old girl from Ottawa has been crowned a champion at the world youth chess championships. Qiyu Zhou, who according to her Facebook …

Argentine crowned world youth chess champion
Daiji World
Argentine Alan Pichot was crowned the under-16 world champion after beating Russian Maxim Litvinov during the World Youth Chess Championship ..

Nagpur’s Divya Deshmukh is World U-10 chess champion

Times of India
Nagpur’s 8 ½-year-old Divya Deshmukh won her first World crown when she emerged as champ in the under-10 girls’ section of the World ..

City school hosts CBSE chess event
Times of India
India has the highest number of rated players by FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs or World Chess Federation). That perhaps …

Limlingan: Breeding future grandmasters
Sun Star
Last Saturday, I came to pass by a local chess tournament that was spearheaded by the Fernandino Chess Club (FCC) held at the event center of …

Namibian Chess Kids Do Their Thing in Durban
Namibia recently sent a team of 17 junior chess players to Durban to participate in the Word Youth Chess Championships that saw all the

Head of Sudan’s Chess Association resigns over game with
Israeli player
Sudan Tribune
The president of the Sudanese Chess Association (SCA) Tariq Zaroog tendered his resignation on Sunday following a game of chess that took place against …