So, Anand, Rapport y Santos jugarán el Magistral de León

So, Anand, Rapport y Santos jugarán el Magistral de León


30 Years

El Torneo Magistral Ciudad de León, one of the great classics of the international circuit, celebrates this year a very special anniversary, its thirtieth edition, with its traditional format with four players and a cup system with semifinals and final that has been and is imitated in many world-class chess events. This system, which makes the competition much more interesting, avoids the famous and dreaded draws without a fight, one of the hurdles of high level chess.

Three world-class players and a native from León, making his way to the chess elite, will compete in León in July 2017. El Magistral, which is a real chess festival, with many activities for children, fans and lovers of chess in Spain and the world, will make all of them enjoy first level chess, in addition to participating in competitions for all levels, they will be able to attend conferences, seminars, and meetings on the role that chess plays in sports, culture and education.

El Magistral de León, has given famous players the opportunity to have their baptism of fire at the highest level: the world champion Carlsen and the aspirant Karjakin, now disputing the world title in New York), Peter Leko, Wei Yi, And now the young Hungarian prodigy Rapport and the talented León native Jaime Santos.

. The 2017 Magistral brings together again in Leon several of the strongest players in the world, to fight for its triumph in one of the most prestigious tournaments of the international circuit. This time commemorating its 30th consecutive edition, which makes it the the oldest chess event in Spain and one of the oldest in the world.


Az Egyesült Emírségekbeli Sardzsában február 17-től rendezik meg a 2017-es Grand Prix négy versenyből álló sorozatának első versenyét. A meghívott, kijelölt 24 sakkozónak három-három tornán kell játszania, amelyeket 18-18 résztvevővel, 9 fordulós svájci rendszerben bonyolítanak le. Reményünk valóra vált, Rapport Richárd is a GP résztvevője. Az összetett pontverseny első két helyezettje játszhat 2018-ban a világbajnok-jelölti versenyen. Valamennyi viadalnak 130 ezer euró a díjalapja.

Rapport Richárd a Grand Prix sorozatban

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