Tennis and chess with Maria Sharapova

Tennis and chess with Maria Sharapova

The Necker Cup starts next week, but we happened to have another of the world’s best tennis players on this island this week enjoying a holiday at the end of a long season. Maria Sharapova wasn’t here to play tennis – but surely she couldn’t resist a quick game when she saw the court?

With parrots squawking and lemurs howling around us, it’s a very unique setting for a tennis match. Maria wasn’t exactly in her tennis gear, but the Career Grand Slam winner was more than a match for me, winning our championship tie break.

It was the first time we’d played tennis together, but we did play table tennis earlier this year. We were at a friend’s wedding in Italy, and I thought I was doing rather well, taking a six-love lead before Maria revealed she’d been playing with her wrong hand. She duly came back for the victory.

However, back on Necker we switched over to a different game: I well and truly got my revenge on the chess board! But Maria had never played before and I was very happy to give her some pointers. Then we moved onto backgammon and I shared some tips there too.

mage from Maria Sharapova
I hope you enjoyed your break Maria, and I’ll be sure to use your tennis lessons in the Necker Cup next week!