Wesley So wins the Skilling Open 2020

Wesley So wins the Skilling Open 2020


Congratulations to Wesley So on crashing Magnus Carlsen’s 30th birthday party to win the #SkillingOpen, the 1st tournament on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour!

Carlsen: “I had a nice day overall. This wasn’t ideal. That’s the way it is. This time I wasn’t good enough.

Az amerikai Wesley So a Skilling Open online szupervereny győztese.
Összesitésben 3,5 – 2,5-re.  Itt,de összésségében is Magnus 30. születésnapi formája kevésnek bizonyult,So megérdmelten nyert.
So a torna 100 ezer dolláros díjalapjából 30 ezret nyert, Carlsen 15 ezret. A Champions Chess Tour 1,5 millió dollárral díjazott tíz versenyből álló sorozatának első tornája nagyon sikeres volt, várjuk a folytatást.
Minden egyéb lentebb

Elnézzük Magnusznak,hogy a szülinapján nem nyert


Carlsen’s results in major events in 2020:
Skilling Open: 2nd
Norway Chess: 1st
c24 Banter Series: 1st
St Louis: 1st (*)
Chess 9LX: 1st (*)
Grand Final: 1st
c24 Legends: 1st
Chessable Masters: 1st
Steinitz Mem.: 1st
Clutch Chess: 1st
Lindores: Semifinal
MC Inv.: 1st
Wijk: 2nd

“I have to apologize to Magnus for semi-ruining his birthday!” said Wesley So after winning a blitz playoff to clinch 1st place and the $30,000 top prize in the Skilling Open, the first event on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour. The World Champion’s 30th birthday seemed to be going perfectly when he won the 1st game of the day with the black pieces, but Wesley hit back in Game 2 and survived a wild 3rd game. Magnus then repeated his World Championship match trick of taking a quick draw to reach a playoff, but for once he fell short. (MORE LATER) 





The next event on the tour is the first major, where everything is doubled – the prize fund is $200,000 prize fund, with up to 100 points available to each player. That starts on December 26th, with So, Carlsen, Nakamura, Nepomniachtchi, Aronian, Radjabov, MVL and Giri already qualified for finishing in the Top 8 in the prelims. They’ll be joined by David Anton, who was voted back in, and three more players, to be announced in the coming weeks. 

It adds some spice that Magnus will finally be playing catch-up!









All 4 games were decisive as Magnus Carlsen & Wesley So traded blows to end the 1st day of the #SkillingOpen final tied at 2:2! It must end Monday, when Magnus has the chance to win the event on his 30th birthday:

Magnus begins his 30s with the Caro-Kann!

Peter Leko is shocked by Magnus playing Bb4-Bf8, returning his bishop to its starting square:

Our commentators think So may just have missed Carlsen’s 17…Nxd4!, but if Wesley survives the shock his position doesn’t seem too bad… yet!

And now it’s Carlsen’s time to sacrifice, as the World Champion has given away a rook for a bishop!

Magnus Carlsen gets his 30s off to a perfect start with a powerful win with the black pieces over Wesley So!

This is exactly the reason why Magnus has won this game!”

Anish Giri on Magnus’ “provocation” working in the 1st game:

“You did something naughty & you didn’t get punished for it! I think Magnus is on a high now… I don’t expect Wesley to recover from this!”


A much quieter start to Game 2, though Wesley was ground down in a very similar version of this endgame yesterday

Wesley So is suddenly looking very comfortable as he sips his green concoction.

Peter Leko: “I somehow have the feeling that maybe Magnus if he can should just shut this game down!”

are they really gonna win every game with black today?




worst. birthday present. ever.


Tegnap a fehér szinek nyertek

What a match! 6 games, all decisive, neither player winning 2 in a row. Wesley So beats Magnus with Black to level the scores today at 1:1:


 14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik has now joined Peter & Tania again!

Leko asked what he can say as a commentator about the move Bb4-f8 in Game 1 today
Kramnik: “You tell that that’s the computer’s suggestion – that’s all!”

Magnus is in big trouble on the board and on the clock! If he loses now he’ll need to win on demand in the next game or Wesley will win the #SkillingOpen:

Wow! Wesley blundered what seems to be the winning 18…Nf4!, but Black is also suddenly better after 18…Qc8, as played in the game:

Magnus Carlsen will have White in today’s final rapid game. If it ends in a draw we go to a playoff with two blitz games followed, if needed, by Armageddon!

“I better lose than make such a draw!” says Kramnik of the rapid draw in Game 4, but the strategy of going to playoffs has worked for Magnus in hugely important events in the past. Vlad says it’s wrong even if it works…

The two 5+3 blitz games are about to begin, with Magnus playing Black in the first game:

It was anything but smooth, but Wesley So wins the first blitz game and now Magnus Carlsen must win the next game to force Armageddon!

Suddenly Magnus is back in business!