Women’s World Ch. 2017 Final G1: Last ‘woman’ standing

Women’s World Ch. 2017 Final G1: Last ‘woman’ standing

Kínai – Ukrán döntő a kieséses női sakkvilágbajnokságon – Women’s World Championship KO 2017 Tehran IRI 10.02.2017- 04.03.2017

In the first game of the four-game finals for the Women’s World Championship 2017, Tan Zhongyi managed to carry out her game strategy by forcing a calm and strategic play onto Anna Muzychuk. The opening she chose to play with black did not allow Anna, with her white any chances to put pressure. Illustrated report with GM analysis by Elshan Moradiabadi.



FIDE Women’s World Championship 2017

2017-02-11 – 2017-03-04



Photos by David Llada

As if in an adaptation of Kurosawa’s classic Yojimbo that occurred in a Texan town near the Mexican border, two young ladies, one Ukrainian and one Chinse, with scarves on, played chess in an ever-growing, polluted, never-sleeping, Tehran.

r_20170227_teheran_wwc_final_g1_7923 Anna Muzychuk Tan Zhongyi UKRAINE CHINA

Let the match begin!


Anna Muzychuk has definitely been on fire in this tournament with an amazing run of 9/10 before the finals! Her results were clear and she exploited both her advantage and luck, as the case may be.

r_20170227_teheran_wwc_final_g1_7977 Tan Zhongyi CHINA

Tan Zhongyi, on the other hand, had a difficult task reaching finals, winning two matches in Armageddon against Ushenina and Harika, but she had shown a great deal of resilience and consistency in the whole event.

r_20170227_teheran_wwc_final_g1_7919 Anna Muzychuk UKRAINE

Hence, Anna found herself in a position in which she has less expertise to play.

She did not make any bad moves but it was very hard to put black into specific trouble. Maybe Anna needed to maneuver her knight via c4 but that even does not give any concrete advantage to white. Nevertheless, one should not forget to credit Tan and her team for the smart opening choice. With three games to go, anything can happen at this championship final!